Scholarship for Community College Students in Geography

If you are a community college student in Geography that plans on transferring to California State University Northridge (or you just did), here’s a deal you should not pass up.  The Tamborro Scholarship pays all normal university fees to fulltime undergraduate geography majors who will or already have transferred to CSUN from a community college!  What a deal!

Awards will be made to students who demonstrate a passionate interest in geography, a good understanding of the discipline of geography, and an ability to connect classroom studies with the real world.  Award duration is four consecutive semesters.

This scholarship is not granted solely on the basis of Grade Point Average or other conventional academic indicators, but was created especially to aid those students who apply geography to the wider community and world. Merit may be demonstrated by involvement in geographical associations, field trips, research, community work, and university or community college life.

Visit the CSUN Geography Scholarships page to get more info on the Tamburro Scholarship and how to apply.  Deadline is 4pm April 22nd.

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