CloudSpatial Beta Released

Looking for an alternative to ArcGIS Server but still want to use ESRI’s other products?  Maybe CloudSpatial is for you.  Announcing the Beta release of CloudSpatial GIS Server – an ESRI Geoservices REST Implementation. CloudSpatial is a drop in replacement for ArcGIS Server that works with all ESRI API’s and ArcGIS Desktop. CloudSpatial was created as an alternative to ArcGIS Server for organizations that have existing investments / apps built with ESRI technology but would like to reduce the ongoing expense of ArcGIS Server and/or ArcGIS Online. CloudSpatial can also be used by customers that want an ESRI compatible, inexpensive, lightweight and easy to use system for their spatial infrastructure. See how easy it is to setup and use by watching the screencasts. More info at

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