New Maps Plus Program

Thinking about developing your skills in digital mapping?  Then check out University of Kentucky’s New Maps Plus program.

New Maps Plus is a completely online program consisting of three courses (MAP671, MAP672, and MAP673) that focus on online and open source mapping solutions (like QGIS), JavaScript programming, and cartographic design for the web.  Students completing the program will earn a Graduate Certificate in Digital Mapping from the UK Geography Department and the College of Arts & Sciences.  The courses are taught during 10-week terms that are offered four times a year (see schedule).  The next term will be starting January 23rd, with an application deadline of January 8th.

The 2016-17 academic year cost per credit hour is $639.50, plus a $10 per credit hour distance learning fee. Thus the MAP 671 course (3 credits) costs $1948.50 and the MAP 672/673 courses (4 credits) cost $2598 each.

Check it out by clicking below:


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