Cartography Comparison: Google vs Apple

Check out this essay comparing the cartography between Google Maps and Apple Maps.  In summary:

  • Apple Maps, on average, labels more cities than Google at every zoom.
  • Google Maps, on average, labels more roads than Apple on nearly every zoom.
  • For two-thirds of zooms, both maps generally show the same number of roads. For the remaining third, Apple shows more roads.
  • Both maps, on average, label a similar number of Points of Interest (POIs) — but have only 10% of their POIs in common on an average zoom.
  • Both maps also prioritize different kinds of POIs: Google Maps heavily prioritizes transit, while Apple prioritizes landmarks. Apple also generally shows a greater number of POI categories on a given zoom — and shows twice as many restaurants and shops as Google.

Click below to read the 2 part post.


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