Getting to Know ArcGIS, 4th Edition

ESRI has published the 4th edition of Getting to Know ArcGIS.  Many of you have probably used past editions to learn the ArcGIS Desktop software or to teach others.


This edition is updated for the latest version of ArcGIS Desktop, 10.2 to 10.3.1.  The book teaches GIS concepts and common tasks like how to find GIS data online, create web maps, set map projections, symbolize and label maps, edit GIS data, and geocode address locations.  Included is a preview of ArcGIS Pro, however the book focuses on all the tools and functionality available in ArcGIS Desktop 10.3.1.

Getting to Know ArcGIS, 4th Edition was authored by Michael Law and Amy Collins.  It is 808 pages long and retails for $84.99 from ESRI Press or about $54 to $58 on Amazon at the time of this post.  The book also includes data for the exercises and a 180 day free trial of ArcGIS Desktop available for download at ESRI’s book resources website.

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