California GIS Council Meeting Thursday May 22nd

Hi all,

Attached you will find the agenda for the GIS Council Meeting to be held this Thursday May 22nd from 9am until noon in Sacramento. The address and teleconference/webinar information is included. We encourage people from all regions of California to participate in Thursday’s meeting, and in future California GIS Council Meetings. One agenda item is to plan out the meeting times and locations for at least the coming year, so please think about where/when we may hold some of the meetings in Southern California.

Please remember that this is the first meeting of the Council in over three years, so we do have a lot to cover. The agenda is meant as a guideline for the discussion, and we will follow it as closely as possible while still remaining flexible.

If you have any questions, please contact one of us (below). We look forward to seeing you (or hearing from you) on Thursday at 9am.


Karen Beardsley, PhD, GISP
Managing Director, Information Center for the Environment (ICE)
Department of Environmental Science and Policy
One Shields Avenue
University of California
Davis, CA 95616
Ph: (530) 752-5678
Fax: (530) 752-3350
Cell: (530) 848-3310

3 thoughts on “California GIS Council Meeting Thursday May 22nd

  1. In preparation for tomorrow’s GIS Council meeting, you may want to review some of the important documents that give some background about the GIS Council. The CGIA web site has a nice collection of the strategic planning and visioning documents, and many issues described in these are still valid today. Listed below are a few of what I think are the particularly pertinent documents: — All past meeting agendas and minutes, and some supporting documentation and presentations up until the March 2011 meeting. – The latest (as far as I could find) revised GIS Council Charter (October 2005). — California GIS Phase 2 Strategic Planning Final Report (May 2008) — Framework Draft Data Plan (Sept. 2006)

    As part of the second agenda item (History and Governance), we may want to spend a little time discussing what the role of this GIS collaborative organization should be, and how it relates to existing entities, such as CGIA, the Office of the GIO, and the Strategic Growth Council (SGC). Some things have changed since the first California GIS Council began in 2001, and we should keep that in mind moving forward.

    Many thanks, and see many of you tomorrow morning.


  2. Please note that we will be accepting nominations for Council seats during the meeting, including the very important roles of Chair and Vice Chair. We already have two nominations, one for the Chair (from a Regional GIS Council/Collaborative organization), and one for Vice-Chair (from a State Agency organization). We will have an open call for nominations at the meeting, and will likely keep nominations open for another week and then post nominee statements and call for a vote. The election will be completed by early June. Self-nominations will be accepted and are encouraged.

    The agenda indicates that elections will occur tomorrow, and that still may be the case, although many people have suggested that it is better to allow more time for people to consider serving on the Council.

    Thank you again,

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