Where to buy and light fireworks in California

I remember as a kid how fun it was on the 4th of July to light my own fireworks at home.  A bunch of families on the block would get together, have a BBQ, and enjoy the fireworks.

Later, the city I lived in banned them … I had a few choice words for them!

It sure does seem that fun past is just a memory now.  Not so!  There still are areas in California, and for us LA and Orange County, that you can still enjoy buying and lighting your own fireworks.  Check out this nifty listing at The California Fireworks Newswire.

Each city/county has their own rules, so you should consult their web sites or give them a call.  Most sales start at noon on June 28th.

Hey, someone should make an app for this!  Any takers?

Have fun and be safe!  And if you work/live at a city that still has fireworks, tell your leadership thanks for keeping the tradition alive!  I’ll spend my money in your city!  -mike

5 thoughts on “Where to buy and light fireworks in California

  1. Reminder: July 4th is tough on pets! The noise of fireworks often frighten pets into fleeing their yards and neighborhoods. If you have pets, be sure they have current ID collars or microchips in case they stray and be aware of your pet’s attitude. Keep them indoors if they are bothered by the noise, with a radio or television on to help mask sounds. You may want to consider a vet-prescribed tranquilizer for an anxious pet if they are made nervous by the noise of fireworks. (I’ve been active in animal rescue for over a decade and we see an increase in the number of animals lost during the Fourth of July celebrations.)

  2. I called the folks that have this site; told them they should probably provide a spreadsheet – that would make it a lot easier for us to map it. The person was receptive to the idea – maybe they’ll make a map for it.

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