Student Reviews of Our Apps

I was searching on Google for something (I can’t remember what now, like the dog seeing a squirrel I was distracted for sure) and came across a UCLA Advanced GIS class web site that students post their work on.  These students are learning about web GIS and creating applications themselves.  One of the assignments the students had to do was to post reviews of sites that use interactive GIS technology … and some of the sites were ours!  Some of the reviews were eye opening, however we should treat it like a new user trying to use our apps.

So here are some interesting reviews of our sites, sites we post our data on, or other local sites of interest:

LA County’s GIS-NET3 (and here too)

LAPD Crime Map

UCLA Campus Map

Explore Santa Monica

LA Times Mapping LA Neighborhoods

City of Los Angeles Bikeway Map

City of Los Angeles ZIMAS

Beverly Hills Crime Data Map

Beverly Hills Bike Rack Locations


1 thought on “Student Reviews of Our Apps

  1. A couple of notes about the reviews here related to GIS-NET3. I’ll defend it because it is our website, of course. We see the value in constructive criticism; but we do need to point out a few things here.
    GIS-NET3 is a ‘full-featured’ application and different than every other application on this list except for ZIMAS. GIS-NET3 is more technical in nature and has many more layers and features than the other sites here. Layers will take longer to draw simply for that reason, even with optimization through scale dependent rendering and other tricks. GIS-NET3 replaced an application that was in service since 2006. Over those years, this is what the public has asked us to provide – zoning and land use information, aerial photos, detailed property information, query and identify capabilities, markup tools, printing and links to metadata and other related information. We have worked to improve the site’s performance and usability since its deployment in January 2013 and the appraisers and developers that use it every day provide positive feedback of its value.
    Perhaps Z-NET Public, (another one of our GIS web mapping applications) is more similar to the applications listed here – and would be a better comparison to the other applications reviewed in this course.
    The irony is that Jason and I were guest lecturers in this class last year, but could not attend this year.

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