Coastal LiDAR Data Available from NOAA

Hello CA GIS users,

As you may be aware, the California Ocean Protection Council, in partnership with USGS and NOAA Coastal Services Center, funded a LiDAR data collection effort along the California coast and San Francisco Bay, between 2009-2011. The data were made available last year through the NOAA Coastal Service Center’s Digital Coast Data Access Viewer.

The entire LiDAR dataset is now available for download via an ftp/http directory from the NOAA Coastal Service Center’s Digital Coast Data Registry. The data are packaged as .laz files. Please read the 0README file in the directory for instructions on how to download. For technical questions, please contact NOAA CSC staff, Keil Schmid at

The Ocean Protection Council is looking for illustrated examples of how the LiDAR data are being used. This can be an image, map, figure, etc you developed based on the LiDAR or DEMs.  We would like to use these illustrated examples in future presentations about how the LiDAR and derived products are applied. If you are able, please email me a screen capture or small jpeg for use in presentations, with your permission.

Thank you,

Clare O’Reilly
Project Manager, Ocean Protection Council
State Coastal Conservancy
1330 Broadway, Floor 13; Oakland, CA 94612-2530
phone 510-286-0332 / fax 510-286-0470

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