GIS Courses at Rio Hondo

Rio Hondo College offers several GIS courses starting January 25th

Available courses include hybrid Introduction to GIS (GIS 120) on Thursday 7pm at Rio Hondo College, also offering on Wednesday morning 8am.  We have a new course Small Unmanned Aircraft System (GIS 150) for survey mapping and preparation for the FAA107 on Saturday 9am.  At the LA County DPW in Alhambra we have the Intermediate GIS (GIS 220) on Thursday 6pm.  Friday on campus, we have Cartography (GIS 221) at 9am.   Environmental GIS (GIS 230) is offered Monday & Wednesday 7:00pm.  Tuesday we have the Geospatial Programming (Python) & Web Services  (GIS 280) at 7pm.

Did you know you can apply for admission and register for classes entirely online and should be done as early as possible.  Waivers are available if you meet prerequisites with experience or attended an introductory course elsewhere. Contact for support. For more information on the courses you can view here and you can follow the steps here to register

P.S. Did you know select Rio Hondo GIS now offers the GIS AS Degree in addition to the CA state approved GIS Certificate and includes courses that are transferable courses to CSU and other universities?

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