Webinar: GIS Strategic Planning for Local Government

Strategic planning is a vital tool for local government. For the past 17 years, Geographic Technologies Group (GTG) has been helping local governments harness the power of geographic information systems through careful planning, intelligent implementation, and expert guidance at every phase of the process.

An effective strategic plan is critical to ensuring that a GIS program gets off the ground. An effective strategic plan will help you gain the approval of key decision makers and most importantly, the funding needed for the program. Additionally, an effective strategic plan will ensure that the program sees a return on investment.

This webinar will guide you through 7 Steps needed in developing a successful strategic plan. Participants will learn about the key factors essential for a successful GIS strategic plan. Whether it’s a refresh, update, or enterprise-wide plan, this webinar will help you get started.

GIS Managers, GIS Users, IT Decision Makers, executives and other professionals involved in GIS programs.

Topics Covered
• 7 Steps to Strategic Planning
• 7 Keys to Success
• GIS Return on Investment

Tuesday, May 6, 11am to 12pm PDT
Click Here to sign up!

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