Embedded Engineer Position

Delphire Inc., part of the ESRI startup program, is looking for an Embedded Engineer for their current hardware solutions. Qualifications include experience working on IOT systems that are field deployed or car industry related, experience with CAD Design and rapid prototyping, and experience with wireless communications, including GPS, AIS, LTE, SDB, and WiFi/Bluetooth.

Delphire’s mission is to reduce the occurrence and impact of wildfires caused by downed or damaged power lines of the electric grid by supplying our utility customers with an early detection and warning system that can report fires; provide photographs for human confirmation and assessment prior to resource deployment all in their earliest stages even from low connectivity environments. We differentiate from other wildfire AI detection technologies by working below the canopy line, along the grid assets, to detect fires and faults during the incipient phase, thus helping to stop fires before they reach their critical self‐sustaining stage, and simultaneously provide information on their root cause enhancing future prevention. Both aspects are improvements to the state‐of‐the‐art capabilities for our utility customers that Delphire is working with through a unique combination of hardware and software advances.

For more information and to apply, click here.

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