GIS Intern – City of Burbank

The City of Burbank is looking for a GIS Intern to join their GIS team in the IT Department.  This part-time hourly employee will assist the GIS team on different department projects utilizing GIS and web applications, including GIS data development, maintenance, collection, reports, and map creation.

The successful GIS Intern must have experience using ArcGIS Desktop 10.x (ArcMap) and/or ArcGIS Pro 2.x, as well as general office software on Windows 7/10.  The candidate should be self-motivated, work independently with minimal supervision, detailed oriented, and have excellent communication skills.  Experience with a scripting language like Python is a plus.


  • Convert, edit, or create geographic datasets as necessary using ArcMap
  • Ensure the accuracy and completeness of digital GIS maps and datasets
  • Assist GIS users with new and existing applications
  • Frequent communication and documentation of progress will be required
  • Prepare GIS data and map layouts
  • Collect GIS-related field data


  • At least one semester of college level courses or technical training in GIS
  • Experience using ArcGIS Desktop (ArcMap) 10.x or ArcGIS Pro 2.x
  • Attention to detail and accuracy when editing GIS data
  • Understanding of Geodatabases
  • Familiarity with vector and raster data
  • Be able to work at least 16 hours per week
  • Work well independently
  • Familiar with Microsoft Excel and Word

Salary range is $16.76 to $22.04 hourly, 20 to 30 hours/week, 1000 hours over 12 months max, no benefits.  Prior to working, a standard background check will be conducted.

If interested, apply by 2/27/2018 5pm PST for the “Management Intern” position (this is used for recruiting a GIS Intern).

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