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Sun Pacific Farming Cooperative, Inc. has a new GIS Technician position that has just opened up.  It is a full time regular status position, FLSA exempt.  Get in on the ground floor using GIS in agriculture and farming for this family run and owned operation!

SUMMARY: With approximately 30,000 acres in California, Sun Pacific® is the largest grower/shipper of navel oranges in the world, the largest grower/shipper of kiwi in North America, the 2nd largest grower/shipper of mandarins in North America, the largest tomato grower in California and renown for high quality table grapes.  Our core focus is on farming, providing us with deep expertise in every aspect of growing these crops, including all cultural aspects, pest control, irrigation technologies and specialized equipment use, all tied together with sophisticated information systems. Our team is growing and currently looking for a GIS Technician for its farming operations in the California Central Valley.

Reporting Relationship: The GIS Technician will report directly to the Director of Farming.

Location: Potential locations include Exeter, Bakersfield, and Pasadena.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: The GIS Technician will plan, organize, and manage all GIS-related operations; create maps, web/mobile applications, dashboards/reports, and associated geodatabases; perform ad hoc spatial analysis; integrate related databases; and be responsible for the maintenance and administration of the Company’s GIS resources. The following are essential duties and responsibilities:

  • Work with management to review and enhance current GIS resources, including geodatabases, ArcGIS Desktop maps/tables, ArcGIS Online maps/applications, and Esri mobile applications.
  • Develop and administer ArcGIS Desktop resources, including project-specific maps, standard maps created with Data Driven Pages, and standard tables created with Production Mapping.
  • Develop and administer ArcGIS Online resources, including web maps, web applications, and data/maps to support mobile applications.
  • Develop and administer Esri mobile applications, including Explorer for ArcGIS, Collector for ArcGIS, and Survey 123. Work with management to create new applications that meet specific needs. Work with field staff to ensure applications are functioning properly.
  • Develop and administer methods of displaying data, including dashboards and reports.
  • Perform ad hoc spatial analysis, using both ArcGIS Desktop and ArcGIS Online. Work with a variety of data sources related to farming operations, crop production, water use, and land use.
  • Expand current geodatabases through the identification of publically-available data and processing of raw data in Microsoft Excel or Access.
  • Ensure data integrity throughout all GIS resources, including data collection (e.g., Collector, Survey 123), data storage (e.g., geodatabases, ArcGIS Online), and data usage (e.g., Desktop, web applications, Explorer).
  • Coordinate with other departments to integrate databases and ensure integrity of all related data. To the greatest extent possible, provide for a direct link between GIS outputs (e.g., Desktop, web applications, Explorer), and non-GIS data inputs (e.g., Access databases).
  • Manage the Company’s relationship with Esri, including maintaining current products/licenses, obtaining quotes for additional services, and resolving technical issues in a timely manner.
  • Attend industry workshops and conferences to acquire and maintain an understanding of the state-of-the-science as it pertains to GIS use in agriculture.


  • 3+ years experience with GIS administration and analysis;
  • Bachelor’s degree in geography, earth sciences, computer science, or agricultural field of study, or equivalent experience; and
  • Demonstrated ability to learn new software and functionalities quickly and efficiently.


  • Advanced skill in ArcGIS Desktop;
  • Intermediate skill in ArcGIS Online and the ability to learn quickly and efficiently;
  • Proficiency in Esri mobile applications or the ability to learn quickly and efficiently;
  • Intermediate skill in Microsoft Excel;
  • Intermediate skill in Microsoft Access (preferred);
  • Proficiency in SQL, Python, VB Script, and other programming languages (preferred);
  • Attention to detail and a deep understanding of methods to ensure data integrity;
  • Effective reporting and communication skills; and
  • Ability to organize, prioritize, and manage multiple responsibilities and tasks.

Please note: This job description is to be used as an overview of your job responsibilities and duties, and is subject to change or revision as determined by management. Nothing in this job description restricts management’s right to assign or reassign duties and responsibilities to this job, at any time.  This job description is not and does not imply a contract of employment in any way.  Either the employee or the Company may terminate the employment relationship at-will, at anytime, with or without prior notice and with our without cause.

If you are interested in this position, please send your resume to the Director of Human Resources at

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