GIS Specialist Position

There is a GIS Specialist position that has opened up at the City of Moreno Valley.


The duties listed below are intended only as illustrations of the various types of work that may be performed.

  1. Using GIS and related software and hardware, supports and contributes to the analysis of engineering, land development, research, facilities management and other business and customer service requirements of the City.
  2. Prepares, designs and produces a variety of maps and other graphic representations displaying layers and attribute data from GIS databases, using cartographic techniques to represent spatial data; develops and maintains data layers, using GIS tools; performs complex spatial analyses; prepares and designs custom queries and crystal reports, graphs and charts; incorporates maps, charts, spreadsheet data and text into reports.
  3. Creates, updates and maintains GIS data and databases; compiles, reviews, structures, edits, reformats, updates, processes and maintains digital and hard copy GIS and GPS data for inclusion in the GIS database; assists in converting existing City digital geographic and facilities data into formats for inclusion in the GIS database; assists in performing quality control and assurance processes for converted data.
  4. Develops and implements the more routine automated tools to achieve more effective utilization of GIS applications and outputs.
  5. Provides technical support to City and department staff on GIS applications and software; serves as technical resource for other staff on difficult GIS database and application issues; provides backup support to other GIS staff in the performance of their duties.

For more information and to apply, visit their job page here.

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