Map Metric Automation Contractor Needed

Map Metric Automation Contractor – 12 months (Santa Clara Valley, CA)

You will perform map data analysis and automation. The work involves scripting and analysis (both ad hoc and structured) of navigational map data. You will support metrics leads by writing stable analysis processes and data pipeline integration.

Key Qualifications

• Ability to review large data sets with high attention to detail
• Ability to draw conclusions from data and recommend actions
• GIS (can edit and understand maps)
• Analytical competency (can be quantitative and report analysis)
• Data querying competency (SQL or HQL)
• Scripting experience (Python or shell preferred)

Additional Requirements

• 1+ year of experience in reporting (including spatial data)
• 1+ year experience or relevant academic training in GIS
• Web development or big data experience would be a huge plus.

To apply to this position click here: Or send your resume to  Thank you!

Jessica Touchard
GeoSearch, Inc.
Office: 719-632-7776

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