Lead Product Engineer/Programmer Position

Our company is building a sound map of North America and offers APIs that deliver concise information on the sound environment at any location. We currently cover SoCal and are preparing a large expansion.

We are a small team. Each of us has a specialty and is responsible for one area of the engineering. The founder currently brings things together technically, but we are ready to hire a generalist to be responsible for our final product and work backwards from the product to the structure of the individual components and bring them all together.

We pull in many types of information, most importantly geographic or GIS data, do a lot of analysis and computation, and then make our results available by API. We use Python, C++, PostgreSQL, several AWS services including DynamoDB, Linux and Windows servers, PHP and lots of ESRI or shapefile tools/products.

The person to hire has at least several years of experience with responsibility for a final product. Python is a must, and GIS familiarity is a very strong plus. As a key early hire, the position comes with a meaningful equity package.

To reply with your resume, visit this page.

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