Community Planner FAA

The Federal Aviation Administration has a Community Planner opening in Hawthorne.

Key requirements:

  • US Citizenship is required.
  • Selective Service Registration is required for males born after 12/31/1959.
  • Some, all or none of the applicants may be interviewed

Duties: This position serves as a community planner responsible for various airport and aviation planning activities for the Office of Airports (ARP), Western Pacific Region, Los Angeles Airports District Office (LAX-ADO). This position is responsible for providing proactive assistance and guidance to airport sponsors, consultants, planning agencies, and the public on various aspects of the airport and aviation planning to include airport systems planning, airport master planning and airport layout plan preparation, Airport Capital Improvement Plan development, compatible land use planning, and airspace obstruction analysis. Working closely with experienced LAX-ADO and Regional planners, this position serves with supervision in the analysis and interpretation of planning criteria in the review of airport and aviation planning documents. Incumbent has a basic knowledge of airport and aviation planning. Duties and responsibilities may include: Reviews prior to acceptance, airport master and system plans prepared by public airport sponsors, State aeronautical agencies, and metropolitan planning agencies. Maintains knowledge in all areas of airport/system master planning. Provides technical assistance in the preparation, review, and coordination of local airport demand forecasts and Airport Layout Plans. Reviews planning consultant contracts and scopes of work for consistency in the procurement of professional services requirements. Assists environmental specialists in the collection of data, and develops documents required for satisfying requirements of National Environmental Policy Act. Provides assistance and review of airport sustainability programs. Provides technical assistance related to the Airports Geographical Information System (GIS) program to include FAA Airports GIS standards and eALP tool development. Assists sponsors in incorporating FAA Airports GIS Standards in planning products. Reviews Airports GIS scopes of work for various types of aeronautical surveys and airport data collection. Provides assistance to ensure land use compatibility, including consultation in the development of zoning requirements on and off airport. Coordinates with experienced planners to ensure compliance with applicable Grant Assurances. Provides review of the initial submittal of National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems entry/removal requests per FAA guidance. Provides technical review and coordination of off airport submittals for airspace review. Reviews standards for approach procedures with a basic understanding of airport obstruction surfaces. Reviews all land documentation. This includes land use compatibility plans, change in land use requests, land release, and land acquisition. Works with experienced planners to accomplish actions including in-depth review of appraisals submitted by the sponsors to assure that land acquired under a project is to proper configuration, ensuring acceptable title, and determining cost reasonableness. Reviews Airport Improvement Program (AIP) planning contract awards, negotiated contracts, force account approvals, and notice to precede authorization. Approve AIP partial payments and make recommendations on final and semi-final payments. Reviews adaptations and deviations of agency airport planning and design standards as defined in Order 5300.1. Coordinates with experienced planner on recommendations concerning nonstandard design. Provides information to the public on all aspects of project implementation. Including airport planning and airspace review. In addition to airport and aviation planning functions, performs limited duties related to ADO program (grant) management as necessary. Performs other duties as assigned. 

For more information and to apply, visit this site.


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