RCA GIS/IT Database Manager Riverside County

The Western Regional Conservation Authority (RCA) in Riverside County is still seeking an RCA GIS/IT Database Manager. Incumbents in this class provide an administrative and technical foundation for environmental problem solving and Multiple Species Habitat Conservation Plan (MSHCP) execution; through creation, implementation and maintenance of geospatial databases to managing IT database and systems to meet policy requirements. Incumbents perform complex geographical and financial analysis by developing models to address the impact of population and urban development as it relates to the MSHCP. This involves working in cooperation with and in support of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, environmental groups and consultants to ensure accurate identification of target conservation acreages, generate quantitative data for biological analyses, reach pre-defined goals as set forth in the MSHCP, create and protect linkage to existing Reserves and assure conservation of 146 focused species and their habitats.

Competitive candidates will be technical experts in utilizing the most complex GIS applications, programs, and software, including ARC GIS, ARC Info, and ARC SDE. Experience working directly with high level federal, state, and local government officials regarding GIS mapping and database systems.

For more info and to apply, visit the job page here.  The salary range for this position is $82,468 to $127,930.

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