Cadastral Tech II Position

Orange County has an open Cadastral Tech II position in Santa Ana. Position closes November 26, 2013.

Under general supervision, performs cadastral mapping duties using a Geographic Information System (GIS) which is Computer-Aided; performs cadastral tasks including the preparation and maintenance of County maps related to property boundaries of various kinds; researches property ownership; reads and interprets complex legal descriptions; and performs related work as assigned. This is the fully qualified working level in the Cadastral Technician series and is distinguished from that of the Senior Cadastral Technician in that this class is assigned no leadership responsibility, and is distinguished from that of the Cadastral Technician I in the complexity of work performed and the level of independence in which work is performed. This class has a one (1) year probationary period.

The Assessor Department is responsible for valuing all real property and business personal property in the County and for producing annual and supplemental assessment rolls that list all taxable property in the county. To accomplish this requirement the office is focused on property valuation, assessments, and is production-oriented. (A critical role in this process is the creation of and maintenance of Assessor Parcel Maps for all assessable parcels in Orange County.) More than one million units of property, including 160,000 business entities, were valued for the 2013 Rolls. The office employs approximately 300 people. The Orange County Assessor (Department Executive Manager) is elected every four years. The Orange County Assessor Department has only one (1) office and it is located in the Santa Ana Civic Center.

Three years experience doing Geographic Information System (GIS) involving cadastral tasks including the preparation and maintenance of maps related to property boundaries of various kinds, and researching property ownership.


A bachelors degree in mapping, or surveying may be substituted for the required experience.

Vision sufficient to read standard text; speak and hear well enough to communicate clearly and understandably in person, over the telephone and to groups; manual dexterity to handwrite and key items into computer. Must have the dexterity and vision necessary to use a computer for a full eight (8) hour work day.

Applications will be evaluated by the Assessor Department to identify applicants whose experience is most closely related to the stated qualifications. The candidates meeting minimum qualifications will be referred to the next step.

Supplemental Screening (Refer to Interview/ Non-Refer to Interview): Responses to supplemental questions will be screened. Please ensure you answer supplemental questions fully. No credit can be given for information not supplied in the supplemental answer. Top candidates will be invited to the written exam.

Written Exam (Pass/Fail): A written test consisting of job-related multiple choice/essay questions will be administered. Please bring a calculator.

Panel interview (Weighed 100%): Candidates will be interviewed and rated by a panel of job knowledge experts. Each candidate’s rating will be based on responses to a series of structured questions designed to elicit the candidate’s qualifications for the job.

Apply On-line. Only on-line applications will be accepted.
• When you apply, make sure to print the confirmation page.
• Please match your professional experience with the specific qualifications listed in the bulletin and include the areas which you have developed expertise.
• A resume will Not be accepted.

Questions? If you have questions related to this recruitment, please contact Steven Harness at (714) 834-2875 or .

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